Image - Alumni MaryMary took the HSE Online Certificate Course and has graciously shared her experience with us. Below are excerpts from our conversation with her.


Tell Us About Yourself?

I am a manager in a financial services company. My work involves supervising the staff to ensure they are effective and efficient in their work and that they meet their targets. 


Why Did You Decide To Take The Course?

I wanted to add value to my basic qualification which is accounting. I noticed that most big and medium sized organisations were establishing safety and environment units. So I figured a certificate in HSE will make me more mobile in the job market. Even though the company where I work is a financial services firm, we have had accidents in the office that involved staff and clients that led to several weeks of hospitalization due to faulty building design and poor warning signage. We have also had electrical fires. I felt the knowledge from HSE course will help prevent such accidents where I currently work.


What Are Benefits From The Skills And Knowledge Gained On This Course?

With the knowledge I gained, I am able to get the staff and management to see safety as an important issue that needs everybody’s attention. Consequently we now enforce safety training for new staff to observe our safety protocols to prevent electrical fires. 


Which Session Did You Find Most Useful And Why?

The session on accident investigation and reporting was very interesting because it showed me step by step what to do when an accident occurs at work. Before now we did not keep any records of accidents.  The records are useful for identifying areas  to improve on.


What Did You Like Most About Studying Online?

I was very happy that I could do the course at my own pace. I am very busy at work and would not have coped with the pressure of deadlines. When I was too busy I stayed off till I was less busy and I continued. Yes working at my own pace was definitely good. 


What Is Your Advice To People Who Are Considering Doing This Course?

The knowledge you get is very useful and practical. The facilitators are responsive and the class discussion forum is robust so you meet and interact with a lot of people. The certificate is form a brand name university. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. I would advise them to go for it.


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