About Us

The UNN Shell Centre For Environmental Control (CEMAC) is a collaboration between the University Of Nigeria and Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria.

CEMAC has a board of directors drawn from the academia and the industry.  Our management team is  headed by Professor Chris Madu of Pace University New York. He has a passion for Environmental Management  and Disaster Risk Recovery. He has authored several books which include:

  • Handbook of Sustainability Management
  • Environmental Planning and Management
  • House of Quality in a Minute

He brings the wealth of his international exposure to lead the team at the Centre.


Online Classes

We offer online programs and trainings that make it easy for you to access the knowledge and resources you need from any location in the world. Our Online Trainings are:

Effective: They are rich with multimedia presentations, stimulating discussion forums, case studies and quizzes to test the knowledge you gained. The online classes are also facilitated by our world class faculty.

Convenient: You can learn from the convenience of your home. The classes can be accessed with any internet ready device including your smart phone.  

Flexible: The online classes are available on demand so you can start at your own time and  progress at your pace. They are asynchronous which means you do not have to log in at the same time with other students.

Affordable: As a result of the lower cost of delivering online classes, we are able to offer our online classes at a lower price. With the online class, you eliminate the cost of travelling, down time at work and lodging. 

Accredited Institution: UNN is the first indigenous Nigerian University and remains  a premier citadel of learning in Nigeria. The certificate you receive is issued by UNN.


Available Online Courses 


§   Certificate In Health Safety And Environment


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