14 December 2015, the now defunct NITEL building in Lagos Island was gutted by fire. It was reported that the building was ran routinely on a Generator set but was recently switched to the power distribution company supply. Fire erupted from some of the internal cables and was sustained by the mass of combustible materials littered on the floor. The worth of damaged property was not disclosed.

nitel-e1449657808418The NITEL building fire accident remind us the following:

1)The fire pyramid: for a fire incidence to occur, there will be a mix of ignition source, presence of air, and fuel source (combustibles). Removal of any of these three
elements eliminates the possibility of fire

2)Electrical installations should be of standard and be maintained

3)Fire detection and alarm system: there should always be a functional fire detection and alarm devices which should always be in good condition

4)Fire Emergency numbers: emergency numbers should be known by major users of a facility and should be placed in strategic places in the facility

5)Continous collaboration between private sector and the government owned Fire corporation. Firms should make it part of their corporate responsibility program to support the full equipping of government owned fire corporations.

Fire safety requires the collaboration of all. You may want to read my other blog post on fire safety plan.

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