Because It Never Happens


The challenge with making sure a system’s emergency response system is intact is that year in year out, the emergency never happens. And year by year, we gradually slack in our commitment to maintaining the system. Nobody commits so much energy and resource to nothing. The result is that emergency systems deteriorate. So, the day the unplanned happens, we are caught unawares.

sport-874359_640I write this to encourage all the safety officers saddled with the work of ensuring that the Safety systems work – especially for emergency response. It all seems at useless work, but it indeed is a necessary life wire. Keep the system intact, and you may have save hundred and thousands of years of hard work from going down the drains.



Chinedu is passionate about occupational safety and health. He keeps following trends in industrial safety. Chinedu currently lives in Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

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