Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Emergencies are bound to occur. They are the unforeseen potentially dangerous situations that threaten and could cause serious damages as well as disrupt working operations. They always require immediate actions.
Emergencies could range from natural disasters to technological hazards emergencies.

Emergency Response is simply the coordinated systematic response to an unpredictable and dangerous event.

It is important to develop emergency plans in order to deal with emergencies that could come up. This is important and required in occupational safety and health programs of an organization.


Emergency Response Plan

An Emergency Response Plan is the plan that clearly states the procedures and operations of dealing with emergency events.
The main purpose of this is to provide specified response in order to reduce or possibly eliminate potential damages resulting from emergencies.

With an emergency plan, you are well guided during an emergency, thus, would be able to deal with it in shortest time possible. This would also help in accelerating the resumption to pre-incident operations.

Furthermore, during process of developing an emergency plan, you are able to identify conditions that would likely make emergency more difficult to deal with. You would also identify the resources available and others needed in dealing with an emergency.

With an emergency plan, you are able to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

The time taken to activate an emergency response is a key factor. When it takes long to respond to an emergency, there is a high tendency of increase in damages likely to occur. Response to an emergency should be therefore be rapid.

Preparing an emergency response plan:
– Identify potentials threats posed to any firm by hazards; this is to know possible emergencies,

– Evaluate the consequences of the emergencies if they occur,

– Determine the actions that are required to deal with the situations,

– State the emergency response procedures to follow during an emergency event,

– Itemize the resources available

During emergencies, people are quite easily thrown into chaos, this is complicated when there are no resources and trained safety personnel to handle the situation. So, in situations where emergency occurs and there is no emergency plan on ground, there could more losses and damages; both physical and environmental damages.

It is therefore imperative to develop one, there is no such thing as “it can’t happen now” or “it can’t happen to us”. Remember the Boy Scout motto- “BE PREPARED”.

“Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent”

Don’t wait until emergencies occur, develop an emergency response plan today.

What to do during an emergency:
– If you are not part of the emergency rescue team, move away from the scene
– Run to safety
– Use the emergency exit (if close-by)
– Raise an alarm or use the fire alarm in case of fire


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