2019, Goals or No Goals

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It is a new year – 2019! That time of the year we are required to plan, to create strategies and road maps. It is helpful to have a reminder that planning is only effective with the big picture in mind – goals.

Goals keep us on the track and help us to evaluate progress. Without goals, our dreams are just items on a Wish list.

Success does not happen by accident. We need to be intentional about the things we really need to get done – family life, work, sport, spiritual goals. What more, we need to be intentional about safety. We should set safety goals too!

Here, I remind you five ways to set goals and achieve them.

  1. Set a Goal that motivates you. – You don’t want to force yourself to achieve something. You want to do something exciting. Set only goals you have a compelling passion for.
  2. Make Your Goals SMART. –  Who ever likes stupid people or shabby dresses? Goals must be smart – Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Time-bound – you remember that, don’t you?
    Okay, a little more note here:

    • Specific – Well defined goals state in clear terms what the expected outcome is.
    • Measurable -Properly made goals have a system for evaluating progress – a set of metrics
    • Achievable – it is better to set goals with your resources, abilities and available time in mind. Bogus goals lead to frustration
    • Realistic – Imagine a goal to repair Lagos-Abuja express road in 2 days and with asphalt imported from Lome! That’s unrealistic.
    • Time-bound – whoever hears of writing an undergraduate thesis for 10 years! Well made goals have deadlines.
  3. Write your Goals down – a goal not written does not exist! Written goals leverage the power of sight and remembrance. Writing also helps in clarifying goals.
  4. Create a plan – a step by step breakdown of ‘how to’ get a problem solved is a plan. Sit down and create a strategy for reaching your smart goal.
  5. Stay with it until the end – I call it ‘to hunker-down’ – keep doing it till you see results.

Now, I hope this reminder helps you set great goal for the New Year! After all, vision is the key to movement!



Chinedu is passionate about occupational safety and health. He keeps following trends in industrial safety. Chinedu currently lives in Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

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