Have you been caught replying an engaging instant message from her/him along the road? Digital chats can be so engaging and joy-bringing. Have you not found yourself smiling when you read a chat message – especially when it came from her/him?

Despite the beauty of instant messaging, it has increased the level of inattention on the road – whether a pedestrian replying a chat or a driver reading his. The result is avoidable road accidents:

  • An inattentive driver runs into the car in his front
  • A pedestrian does not hear the sounding horn and gets hit
  • The young woman missteps into a drainage.

cute-15719_640Attention to instant messaging while using the road should be discontinued. How about the use of ear-pieces and headsets on the road? Fatal accidents have occurred in which the victim had his ear plugged unto his mobile stereo – blaring horns and shouts were ineffective to restrain that last step.

Should I walk the street while listening to audios on my headset? I would advise myself not to – because I want to live another day to listen to my favorite music.

So, two ways of being safe on the road:

  • Don’t chat
  • Don’t plug your ears.

pexels-photo-1266019Other road safety tips, especially for this Yuletide of plenty movement:

  1. Don’t drink and drive, do not be drunk driven. LOL
  2. Board commercial vehicles in recognized companies or parks – you don’t want to be kidnapped.
  3. Check-up your car before rolling out on a journey – breaks, tires and so on
  4. Don’t claim right, embrace safety first. Proactivity means you should both think for yourself and for others
  5. Look clearly before crossing roads. Avoid crossing roads behind stationary vehicles.
  6. Go to a proper driving school if you are learning how to drive. You will be buying yourself years of safety.

Merry Christmas in advance.


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Chinedu is passionate about occupational safety and health. He keeps following trends in industrial safety. Chinedu currently lives in Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

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