personal-protective-equipmentAt the Workplace, what we wear is of great importance, what we use on and wear at certain times and locations at work are so much noteworthy as improper clothing and lack of use of required equipment can pose threat to one making one unsafe. Thus it is expected that what we use at the workplace is a protective as required.

There are equipment that give protection to the user, these are Protective Equipment and they are personal to the user of it hence it is called Personal Protective Equipment.

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are protective clothing or equipment designed to protect the wearer from hazards- physical, electrical, chemical, biological, thermal or particles. When hazards are still present, PPEs are employed.

Although PPEs do not eliminate hazards, it reduces the exposure of the user to hazards as long as it is operational for a failure of it exposes the wearer to the hazards are present.

Personal Protective Equipment- Types

Personal Protective Equipment can be grouped based on the of type protection that is offered;

Types Examples
Respiratory Protection Gas Masks



Air-line respirators

Filter respirators

Lightweight respirators

Powered respirators

Particulate respirators



Eye or Face protection  Spectacles/goggles

Safety goggles

Safety glasses

Eye shields

Eye wear accessories

Face shields


Hearing protection  Ear muffs

Ear plugs

Ear defenders

Noise meters

Acoustic foam

Hand protection Rubber Gloves

Cut-resistant Gloves

Chainsaw Gloves

Heat-resistant Gloves

Barrier creams

Head protection  Helmets


Hard hats

Bump Caps



Working from heights (Fall management Equipment)  Harness

Fall arrest devices

Safety harnesses

Elbow and wrist supports

Back supports

Skin protection  Hats

Sunburn cream

Special long sleeved clothes

High visibility clothing

Weather wear

Work wears

Foot protection  Safety shoes/boots


The PPE required at a particular work environment might not be comfortable, many workers do away with PPEs in some cases as this because of discomfort and inconvenience; it is important to note that the PPEs might not look good on you but as long as they fit and are used correctly, they are good on you.

In the hierarchy of controls, personal protective equipment ranks last and the least satisfactory method in elimination/prevention of workplace injuries, they shouldn’t be relied upon as primary controls of hazards.

PPEs are therefore to be used only when other control measures have been exhausted or to better minimize exposure of workers to hazards.

It is the duty of the employer to provide employees with the adequate equipment for their protection and it is the duty of the employee/user to correctly use and properly handle the protective equipment to maintain it and keep in good condition.

Protect Yourself, Use your Personal Protective Equipment and use correctly!


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