Because It Never Happens


The challenge with making sure a system’s emergency response system is intact is that year in year out, the emergency never happens. And year by year, we gradually slack in our commitment to maintaining the system. Nobody commits so much energy and resource to nothing. The result is that emergency systems deteriorate. So, the day the unplanned happens, we are caught unawares. I write this to encourage all the safety officers saddledRead More

Safe Handling of Chemicals

Handle Chemicals properly

For a chemical to be handled safely, adequate information about the hazards associated with it should be communicated to the users. It is usually done through: Product Label This is usually attached to the container and it must give information on the chemical or product name, the chemical hazards and the precautions that users should take into account to ensure safe use. It also contains hazard pictograms or danger symbols which givesRead More

Chemical Hazard Controls 1


  Hazardous chemicals can cause harm when they enter the body in sufficient amounts via inhalation, ingestion, injection or skin absorption. Therefore, suitable control measures must be implemented to minimize exposure so as to safeguard the safety and health of workers. The nature of the hazardous chemical and the routes by which it enters the body determines the type of controls that are needed. The precautions taken to control these risks arisingRead More

Emergency Response


Emergency Response Emergencies are bound to occur. They are the unforeseen potentially dangerous situations that threaten and could cause serious damages as well as disrupt working operations. They always require immediate actions. Emergencies could range from natural disasters to technological hazards emergencies. Emergency Response is simply the coordinated systematic response to an unpredictable and dangerous event. It is important to develop emergency plans in order to deal with emergencies that could comeRead More



Productivity When you hear productivity, what comes to your mind? Everyone wants to be productive, getting things done in a better way, achieving more in a short space of time in our fast-paced world. Productivity is about achieving goal, getting the expected results. It begins first of, with setting goals (read on goal setting; Goals or No goals). The determinant of your level of productivity lies between setting of your goals andRead More

2019, Goals or No Goals

Basket ball hoop

It is a new year – 2019! That time of the year we are required to plan, to create strategies and road maps. It is helpful to have a reminder that planning is only effective with the big picture in mind – goals. Goals keep us on the track and help us to evaluate progress. Without goals, our dreams are just items on a Wish list. Success does not happen by accident.Read More



Quotes are words but they are not just words. They can change a mind and thus common practices. It is said that a whole life of different experiences can be made into a sentence or two – quotes – others could learn from. Slogans are tips,  action statements and philosophy. They can be easily remembered. In this blog post, we have collected some of the best safety quotes and slogans. Make themRead More

Smart PPEs


Smart Technology in Safety; Smart PPEs Workplace safety is a major priority for organizations. Organizations are required by law to ensure the safety and health of her workers. More so,  our rapidly changing world demands that more efficient methods be used in meeting safety requirements. Smart technology has been of immense help to meet the demand.  Smart Technology combines mobility with intelligent properties. Devices have  the ability to connect and communicate wirelesslyRead More

HSE Job Picks For You This December


1) QHSE Officer at EST Master Construction Limited. EST Master Construction Limited is a leading Nigerian construction company. Deadline: Not specified Location: Rivers State, Km 18 Airport Road, Rukpokwu, Portharcourt. Job Details: Full time, BA/BSc/HND, 7 years experience, job field – Safety and Environment Contact Details:,, 0803 958 2523 Method of Application: Send CV to 2) Environmental Compliance Specialist at Tetratech Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting andRead More